panneau Led portatif.
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Beam angle50 deg.TLCI91 Approved for live broadcast without correctionOverall CRI (RA)CRI=> 96Skintone CRI (R15)CRI=> 98Power consumption at 100% output42 Watts at 100% Output 15V DC

Delivering over 3 hours run time on a standard 95 w/h batteryLUX at 3ft. (0.9m)5750

F-STOP at ISO 200/400/800: f7 / f10 / f14LUX at 6ft. (1.82m)1295

F-STOP at ISO 200/400/800: f3.5 / f5 / f7LUX at 9ft. (2.74m)614

F-STOP at ISO 200/400/800: f2.5 / f3.5 / f5ControlLocal or DMX, with Dynamic Drift

Compensation and Thermal MonitoringMountingIntegral 1/4"- 20 tripod mounts, Aluminum handles, 360 deg. Pro ball head (3/8 or 1/4" 20)LED lifespan100,000 hour - Totally Flicker Free TechnologyPeak output5750Lux at 3ft (measured at midpoint of 4400 Lux)Luminous flux3051 Lumens (15ft.)Color range3150K-6300KDimensionsDiameter: 295mm (11.61")

Depth: 20mm (0.78")WeightBody only: 1.4kg (3.08 lbs)

360 deg. Ball Head: 1.7kg (3.74 lbs)

Accu-Colour™ Technology: CRI = 96  & R15 Skintone = 98TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) = 91 Ideally suited for professional Television use
Colour Range:3150 Kelvin – 6300 Kelvin, integrated accurate Kelvin display.
Control: Local, DMX, or PC sync (Flash). Compatible with any HSS flash trigger received with PC sync socket.
Power :V-Lock Battery or Mains Power, (42W consumption at 100% power). Delivering over 3 hours run time on a standard 95 w/h battery.
Mounting: Integrated Aluminium Handles, Integral ¼” 20 mounting tripod mounting points, or included 360 Pro Ball Head (Selectable 3/8 or ¼”20 thread)
LED’s:100,000 hour LED lifespan – Totally Flicker Free Technology
Included filters :
216 full Diffuser, 250 Medium Diffuser, 184 Cosmetic Peach, 279 1/8 Magenta

inclue dans la boite:
1 x Rotolight AEOS™1 x Professional Aluminium Ball Head (Supports 5Kg load)
1 x Rotolight Universal power adapter with regional mains cable
1 x Filter Holder
1 x AEOS™ 
Filter pack:1 x 216 Full Diffuser (1.5 Stops)1 x 250 Medium, Half White Diffuser (3/4 Stops)1 x 184 “Cosmetic Peach” Diffusion
1 x 279 1/8th Minus Green (Magenta)

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panneau Led portatif.
Batterie en option

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